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November 20, 2018

Singular Act 1

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Sabrina's new album "Singular Act 1" is a sweet success...

On November 9th, Sabrina Carpenter released her third album "Singular Act 1". I was happy to see that this album continued the positive, easy to listen to vibe of her previous album, "EVOLution". I feel like Sabrina's music is growing naturally. The content in "Singular Act 1" is more mature than the last two albums, but she is not trying to shock people for the sake of being shocking.  

Having an Act 1 is a wonderful way to keep listeners interested. Act 1 consists of only eight songs, three of which had already been released as singles. When I finished listening to the album I found myself wanting more. I am looking forward to Act 2...

Although this album is not anything ground-breaking, it is great music nonetheless. The songs are so sweet and warm. It reminds me of Christmas time... I am on my way to a holiday party, riding in a warm car (it's a vibe). 

The two songs that you must listen to are "Diamonds are Forever" and "Sue Me". The use of a theme in "Diamonds are Forever" is so refreshing. I enjoy a song that sticks with a clear idea instead of getting vague. "Sue Me" is just so fun, and I love the music video. After watching it I want to wear only pink and walk around like I own the place.

"Singular Act 1" is leading Sabrina's music into a fun place. 

-Celia Boldizar